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The synagogue: A hub for different Jewish identities


The Great Synagogue in Stockholm turned 150 years old on September 16, 2020. Uniting voices from researchers, cultural profiles and community leaders, the book Jag må bo mitt ibland dem: Stockholms synagoga 150 år, edited by Marina Burstein, celebrates the synagogue's birthday by exploring different angles of its existence in almost 20 chapters. My chapter uses spatial examples from my doctoral research to show that the synagogue was formed by the Swedish city, and in its turn, formed Swedish-Jewish life. The synagogue facilitated several different versions of Jewishness, uniting people with various religious affiliations, but also excluding people from the lower classes. The book chapter is written in Swedish. 


Maja Hultman. 2020. Synagogan: Ett nav för olika judiska identiteter. In Marina Burstein (ed.), Jag må bo mitt ibland dem: Stockholms synagoga 150 år, 41-50. Stockholm: Hillelförlaget.

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