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Curriculum Vitae

Scientific Experience

2021 - Present


Centre for European Research (CERGU)/Department of Historical Studies at University of Gothenburg

Gothenburg, Sweden

I research the impact of the Holocaust on Swedish-Jewish, transnational economic-cultural networks, as well as Jewish influence on the development of Stockholm's modern topography. I teach at the Department of Historical Studies. 

I also hold a research fellowship at Centre for Business History in Stockholm.

2019 - 2021



Stockholm, Sweden

I mapped and indexed material from Jewish archives at the Swedish State Archive (Riksarkivet), aiming to provide greater research digital accessibility under the auspices of the European heritage project. The Swedish section of the project is planned and headed by Pontus Rudberg. 

2019 - 2020


Jewish Museum in Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

As a museum teacher, I created two city tours from my academic research, researched objects and textual sources, and gave tours and educational lectures. 

The Jewish Museum in Stockholm was shortlisted for the prize of 'Sweden's Best Museum 2019' during my employment. 

2013 - 2019


Parkes Institute for the Study of Jewish and non-Jewish Relations/Department of History at University of Southampton

Southampton, U.K.

The interdisciplinary PhD-thesis explores the role of Jewish/non-Jewish relations, inner-communal hierarchies, and urban topography for the construction of Jewish religious diversity in Stockholm, 1870-1939.

I held a doctoral fellowship at Leibniz-Institute for European History in Mainz.


2013 - 2019


PhD History

Southampton, U.K.

The various source material for the PhD-thesis demanded proficiency in spatial, performance and sociological theories. Geographical, digital, architectural, oral historical and ethnomusicological methods were used, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS). 

The PhD-programme included courses on pedagogy, GIS and research skills, as well as participation in international conferences, institutional seminars and doctoral programmes. 

2012 - 2013


MSc Journalism

Uppsala, Sweden

The programme focused on practical journalistic skills. It included courses on law, media and creative writing, as well as internships at two local newspapers. 

The dissertation was a published anthropological feature on Jewish spaces in contemporary Stockholm. 

2008 - 2012


BA Jewish History and Culture

Southampton, U.K.

The interdisciplinary programme combined courses on Jewish history and culture in medieval and modern history, literature, ethnomusicology, archaeology, philosophy and languages, with a particular focus on modern urban history. 


The dissertation investigated the role of nature and music in the creation of the Zionist identity in the Yishuv, 1909-1948. 

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