Previous Events

Organised Events


• Workshop 'Inscribing Jewish Community Politics into Space: A Workshop Marking the 70th Anniversary of the Death of Marcus Ehrenpreis (1869-1951),' University of Vienna (Austria) and University of Gothenburg (Sweden), 3/6/2021 (with Dr Fani Gargova). ​

• Workshop Panel 'Conversations across Disciplines in Jewish Studies,' Contemporary Jewry in the Nordic Countries, Åbo Akademi University (Finland), 20-21/5/2021. 

Invited Lectures and Workshops


• 'Judisk ekonomisk aktivitet och Stockholms omvandling till en modern huvudstad,' Uppsala Centre for Business History, Uppsala University (Sweden), 27/4/2021 (with Dr Mia Kuritzén Löwengart).

​• '"The Facade Cannot be as Satisfactory and Monumental as [a] New Building": Abandoning the Converted Synagogue in Stockholm in the 1860s,' Symposium on Swedish Synagogue Architecture (1795-1870) and the Cultural Milieu of the Early Jewish Immigrants to Sweden, Lund University (Sweden), 19/4/2021.

• 'The Effect of the Shoah on European Jewish Business Networks and Cultural Mobility,' Jewish Studies Colloquium, University of Bern (Switzerland), 12/2/2021. 

• 'Judisk ekonomisk aktivitet och Stockholms omvandling till en modern huvudstad,' Forum for Jewish Studies, Uppsala University (Sweden), 31/3/2021 (with Dr Mia Kuritzén Löwengart).


• Workshop on Nordic Jews in the 20th and 21st Centuries – Multiple Identifications in Everyday Life, Södertörn University (Sweden), 15-16/10/2020.


• Workshop (Round Table) on Shared Spaces: Methodological Approaches to Jewish/non-Jewish Relations, University of Southampton (U.K.), 5/11/2019.

• ‘Public Funerals as Jewish/non-Jewish Spaces in modern Stockholm,’ Forschungskolloqium, Leibniz-Institute for European History (Germany). 30/4/2019.


• ‘Mapping Jewish Diversity in Stockholm, 1870-1939,’ Forum for Jewish Studies, Uppsala University (Sweden), 22/11/2018.

Conference Papers


• 'Judisk ekonomisk aktivitet och Stockholms omvandling till en modern huvudstad,' Staden skriver historia, University of Stockholm (Sweden), 15/4/2021 (with Dr Mia Kuritzén Löwengart)

• 'From Marginalisation to Multiplicity: Stockholm's Jewry before 1939,' European Social Science History Conference, University of Leiden (The Netherlands), 24-27/3/2021.

• 'The Modern Jewish Stockholmer as both City Jew and Country Jew,' Rural and Urban Jewries between Tradition and Modernity, University of Bamberg (Germany), 14-15/3/2021.

• 'Reframing Swedish Ostjuden: Deep Mapping, GIS, and Urban Space,' #DHJewish - Jewish Studies in the Digital Age, University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg), 11-14/1/2021.


• ‘Reconstructing Jewish Urban Belonging in Stockholm before 1939: The Use of Spatial Theory, and Geographical and Digital Methodologies,’ Jewish Spaces, 8th International Student Workshop, Palacký University Olomouc (Czech Republic), 20-22/10/2019.

• ‘From Marginalisation to Multiplicity: Stockholm’s Jewry before 1939,’ Voices of the City: People, Identity and Place 1600 to the present, Urban History Group Conference, Queen’s University Belfast (U.K.), 4-5/4/2019.


• ‘Urban Places of Jewish Precedence, 1870-1939: What the Construction of Synagogues and Kosher Shops in Stockholm Can Teach Us About Jewish/Non-Jewish Relations,’ Jews, Roma and the Nordic Countries – Current Research, New Perspectives, University College London (U.K.), 6-7/9/2018.

• ‘“Turn Your Attention to Our Minyan”: How the Small Jewish Community Created Spatial Diversity in Stockholm, 1870-1939,’ EAJS Emerge: Flash presentations, XIth Congress of the European Association for Jewish Studies, Jagiellonian University (Poland), 15-19/7/2018.

• ‘“Removed from East and Replanted into the Swedish Soil”: New Orthodox Traditions in Stockholm in the 20th Century,’ Searching for Roots of Jewish Traditions, XIth Congress of the European Association for Jewish Studies, Jagiellonian University (Poland), 15-19/7/2018.

• ‘“We Are Somehow Different”: The Spaces of Jewish/Non-Jewish Relations in Stockholm at the Beginning of the 20th Century,’ Multidisciplinary Approaches to Jewish/non-Jewish Relations, Parkes International Summer Graduate Seminar, University of Southampton (U.K.), 12-13/7/2018.

• ‘Sacred Spaces of Stockholm at the Beginning of the 20th Century: How the Modern Experience of Individuality Shaped Religious Diversity on the Fringes of Europe,’ Theories and Histories: Jewish Studies Across Disciplines, British Association for Jewish Studies Annual Conference, University of Durham (U.K.), 9-11/7/2018.

• ‘“Not Bound by Given Forms but by Himself Given the Freedom to Invent Them”: The Jewish/Non-Jewish Relationship as a Foundation for Jewish Diversity in Stockholm, 1870- 1939,’ Rethinking Jewish and Non-Jewish Relations: Transdisciplinary Conference for Early Career Researchers in Jewish Studies, University of Graz (Austria), 7-9/5/2018.



• ‘Mapping Jewish Life in Stockholm: The Urban Space of the Jewish Community during the Rise of Modernity in the Swedish Metropolis, 1870-1939,’ Seventh International Conference for Jewish Studies Researchers, University of Warsaw (Poland), 14-16/11/2017.

• ‘“Up Here in High North”: Jewish Movements of Multiplicity in 1930s Stockholm,’ Jews on the Move: Exploring the Movement of Jews, Objects, Texts, and Ideas in Space and Time, British Association for Jewish Studies Annual Conference, University of Edinburgh (U.K.), 10-12/7/2017.

• ‘Revolution genom integration: Två ortodoxa judars diskussion med Judiska Församlingen om judiska utbildningsplatser i Stockholm under 1920- och 30-talen,’ Revolution, 7th Swedish History Meeting, Mid Sweden University (Sweden), 10-12/5/2017.


• ‘The Case of the Talmud Torah in the Jewish Community of Stockholm, 1925-1933,’ Exile, Marginality and Centrality, Postgraduate Workshop at Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Exilforschung, Aberystwyth University (U.K.), 30/6-3/7/2016.

• ‘The Case of the Ettlingers, 1915-1939: Challenging the Assumption that the Jewish Community in Stockholm Was Spatially Separated,’ Construction and Decay, Ninth Annual GradNet Conference, University of Southampton (U.K.), 21/3/2016.