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Transnational Links between Stockholm and Hamburg


The source analysis explores a newspaper article from 1958, published in the Daily News (Dagens Nyheter). The article describes the journey of the former Heinrich Barth Straße synagogue from Hamburg to Stockholm in 1939, and its consecutive transformation into the orthodox synagogue Adat Jeshurun. Analyzing the cultural implications of this geographical journey, the analysis explains the synagogue's role in Stockholm as a space for surviving Holocaust victims, forcefully removed from their homes and for shorter or longer periods living the Swedish capital. Adat Jeshurun, still existent today, is therefore not only a story about the odyssey of a sacred place, but also portrays the relocation of Holocaust survivors in the post-Second World War world, and the consequential reestablishment of the religious rituals they had learnt in their former hometowns. 


Maja Hultman. 2019. The Heinrich Barth Straße Synagogue and the Transnational Links between Stockholm and Hamburg. Key Documents of German-Jewish History (09/07/2019). DOI: 10.23691/

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