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City Tours for the Jewish Museum in Stockholm

Aiming to disseminate my research results for the public, I converted material from my doctoral thesis into one city tour on Jewish orthodox life on the island of Södermalm in Stockholm for the Jewish Museum. The second city tour demanded original research on Swedish-Jewish life in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, connected to sites in Stockholm's Old Town. The content for the city tours includes, for example: fresh information on one of the first Swedish-Jewish marriages and the unfulfilled plans of an orthodox cultural centre, as well as previously unknown locations for antisemitic riots in 1838, mikvot (ritual baths), and synagogues and minyanim. The tours not only animate the often-times neglected Jewish life in Sweden, but also problematize scholarly and publicly adopted views on Swedish-Jewish identities. 

The city tours were launched by the Jewish Museum in Stockholm in the summer and autumn of 2020, and are funded by Region Stockholm, the local council fund for cultural projects in Stockholm. 

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